agathocles / h.407 - split cd

H.407(pol) / AGATHOCLES(bel) -split CD
release date: 13/10/06
running: 45:00 min
download mp3 under the bands homepages:

01 it's not your problem >>>h.407
02 old lies >>>h.407
03 corrupted brain >>>h.407
04 we cannot cheat ourselves >>>h.407
05 war for the oil >>>h.407
06 concreted everything alive >>>h.407
07 grinded >>>h.407
08 they try to entrap us >>>h.407
09 u.s.a. >>>h.407
10 society >>>h.407
11 moneys failure >>>h.407
12 swindle (cover of DEZERTER) >>>h.407
13 expression >>>h.407
14 criminalisation of strange behaviour >>>agathocles
15 knock back >>>agathocles
16 trust? not me >>>agathocles
17 thanks for your hostility >>>agathocles
18 progress or stupidity >>>agathocles
19 remember >>>agathocles
20 consuming endoderme pus >>>agathocles
21 cheers mankind cheers >>>agathocles
22 life control >>>agathocles
23 distraction >>>agathocles
24 bigheaded bastards >>>agathocles
25 kill your fucking idols >>>agathocles

all trax from H.407 were recorded in studio in may 2005
all trax from AGATHOCLES were recorded live 1997 in tongerlo/belgium
at the release show for the "thanks for your hostility" album and offer
an awesome sound quality