squash bowels - lovesongs lp400 squash bowels - lovesongs lp73

SQUASH BOWELS (pl) -love songs lp (licensed from life stage productions)
release date: 28/04/06
running: 37:05 min
download mp3 under the bands homepage: www.squashbowels.prv.pl

please note: the vinyl will have a different running order than the cd-release!

side A

01 dead field
02 grind standard
03 ungovernable
04 syringe with wit
05 searching of kill
06 stinker spoiling for a fight
07 more our colours
08 to flash the hash
09 ruthless rabble

side B

01 swinish snout = liar
02 naive...
03 wound fuck (gut-cover)
04 fuck instructor
05 no mercy * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)
06 vulture ritual * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)
07 inclement instructor * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)
08 dead stumble * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)
09 flesh grinder * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)
10 squabble * (bonus lovesong from the promo2002)

the vinyl lp release will be split into following pieces:
- lim. edition 400 copies in a gatefold cover pressed on heavy black wax (180gr.)
- lim. edition 73 copies in a gatefold cover pressed on heavy black wax (180gr.) plus special 4-song 7'' EP called 'neuron'.
this ep will be only available in this edition and there will be following tracks upon: 1.neuron; 2.sick control; 3.smoke, smoke; 4.bad toys

all vinyls will be handnumbered with different colored types for the editions!